Massage Therapies

 Relaxation Massage is designed to relieve tension & calm your mind and body using rhythmic strokes that concentrate on easing stress and relaxing tense muscles. Deeply relaxing and therapeutic, for relieving stress & tension.       1 hr $105 p/p           1.5 hr  $145 p/p

Therapeutic OR Deep Tissue Massage is an effective treatment for releasing deeper muscular tension, especially lower back tightness & sore shoulders.  This massage option will suit those who prefer a firm or very firm massage treatment. It is normal to experience some tenderness for a few days following your treatment, we recommend drinking plenty of water following your treatment. May include the use of Silicone Cupping Therapy & Hot Stones if required.  1 hr 115 p/p          1.5 hr  $155 p/p

Magnesium Oil Therapeutic Massage is the perfect therapeutic choice for pre & post exercise. Transdermal (topical) is the most efficient method of absorbing Magnesium. Magnesium Oil (magnesium chloride) aids in the release of muscle tension , relieves pain & inflammation of nerves & joints. Highly recommended for muscle tension, arthritis, restless leg syndrome, cramps, muscle spasms, stress, depression, headaches/migraines & detoxification. We produce our own 250 ml Magnesium Oil product  which is available for purchase.           1 hr $115 p/p         1.5 hr  $155 p/p

Aromatherapy Massage is a natural treatment using specialised massage techniques & DoTerra therapeutic essential oils chosen for your individual needs.   1 hr  $110 p/p               1.5 hr $150 p/p

Pregnancy Massage with Skin Juice Mummy’s Tummy Body Cream, to help with skin elasticity & stretch mark prevention is perfect for both pre & post natal. Improves circulation & digestion whilst reducing fatigue & swelling in hands & lower legs. Promotes relaxation, deep breathing, stabilizing hormones & lessens anxiety. Feel secure & comfortable using the Australian designed Pregnancy Support Pillow.   1 hr $110 p/p      1.5 hr $150 p/p

Green Juice Immersion is a massage therapy using Green Juice Recovery Balm to relieve Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis or to soothe skin redness. Softens & soothes the skin & helps to relieve muscle tension.  1 hr $120 p/p    1.5 hr $160 p/p

Hot Stone Massage Therapy is a very relaxing & healing experience. After heating the stones, the practitioner will place some stones on the body whilst other stones are used in a unique flow of massage techniques. The properties of the stones encourage an accelerated healing process, relieving muscle tension & stress.     1.5 hr 155  p/p

Lomi Lomi Massage is derived from the ancient Master Healers of Hawaii. This massage works gently into the muscles with continuous flowing strokes nurturing the whole body. Stress & tension are relieved, blood & lymph flow assisted & the elimination of waste & toxins stimulated.            1.5 hr $150 p/p

Shirodhara Third Eye Oil Treatment is an holistic health therapy based on harmony with nature & promoting balance between mind & body. Shirodhara offers relief for those suffering from high levels of stress, insomnia, tension & anxiety. Promoting mental & physical relaxation to enhance blood circulation to nourish the brain, central nervous system & stimulate the secretion of Serotonin.

After a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage, heated herbal oil infused with Frankincense Essential Oil is slowly poured over the forehead (Third Eye) & Scalp, promoting a deep sense of relaxation. We recommend you allow the herbal oil to remain on the hair for a minimum of 2 hours after treatment to nourish the hair & scalp.       2 hr $280 p/p

Alchemy use only the purest of massage oils, combining Organic Sweet Almond Oil & Apricot Oil.